What is Fiverr? How to earn money from Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website where millions of people are making money and this website is on the internet from 2010, it is a Most Trusted website where you can trust blindly.

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is a market of services, speak in easy language, it is an online market where services are sold and bought and the special thing about Fiverr is that all this is only 5 $. Friends, thousands of people on the internet need something as if someone had to create a website, then someone has to create mobile software, then people find these services by going to the Fiverr that someone does their job online. And in such a way if you are expert in these things, then you can take the money from every person ( and even if you are not expert ).

How to create an account on the Fiverr

  • To create an Account on Fiverr, click on this link.
  • After opening the website of Fever, click on the right site join button.
  • Once you click on join, a box will open in front of you where you can type your email address and click on the Continue button and a box will open where you type the password and click the join button.

  • Once you click on the join button, the Confirmation link will be sent to your email address, just go to Email Account and confirm the account.
  • After clicking on the active button, you will open Fiverr’s account successfully. Now Edit Your Profile.
  • As soon as you click on the Edit Profile, you will be asked → Full name → Security (Password) → Notification & Billing information, just fill in your information by clicking on the Save button.

How to Earn Money from Fiverr

If your mind comes to the question of how we get work from the FICA and what kind of service we can offer, then you can design a web page or create mobile apps. If you can create a small video then you can increase the likelihood of someone’s Facebook page. Fiverr gives you the chance to do all kinds of work here. So let’s know how to earn money from Fiverr.

  • First, you came to the profile and click on Create A GIG button.
  • Once you click on the GIG button, a window will open in front of you, what you are smart about, and what you do, and then click the Continue button.

In this way, you fill the information according to step by step. Here you have to complete total 6 steps such as:

Overview –Here’s what kind of work you’re looking, like writing → Logo Design → Typing.

Pricing – With Fiverr, you can start work at least $ 5, but you feel that if you get more money for the kind of work you are doing then you can set your budget from here. Apart from this, you can set the client’s work at that time as well, such as → 1 Day-5 Day -10 Day.

Description & FAQ – Here you have to write in detail about the work from which Clint will trust you and give you work.

Requirement –From here you can write about starting work with your buyer.

Gallery –Here you can employ work related photos.

Publish – You will share on GIG internet after clicking on the publish button

You can see in the image below that my 1st GIG is shared. Now whenever any client will search GIG for article writing on Fiverr then my name will be included on that list and when that client finds my profile credible, then he will be able to contact me by direct contact.

how to get paid

Within 48 hours after finishing work on the Fiverr, you are paid by pay-pal or Fiverr Revenue Card.

Take care of these things

  • Put all the information correct about you on Fiverr.
  • Do the work in given time.
  • Try to answer the client’s questions.
  • Keep your profile up to date.
  • Give Billing information correctly.
  • Be honest with your client.

If you work by paying attention to all the tips mentioned above, you will always be able to get the work done from the fire and thus you can earn lakhs of rupees sitting in the house.





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