Top 5 Best Camera Apps for Android 2017

Top 5 Best Camera Apps: Everyone uses the camera on the Android phone. But many people complain that they can not take good photos from the camera that came with the phone. Actually, in these cameras, some important things (eg color saturation, white balance, light exposure, etc.) are already set, which we can not change. Understanding this, we will tell you about top 5 camera apps in this guide, so that you can take great photos.

The Best Camera Apps for Android list

1) Cameringo

Cameringo Pro is the best app for photography. In this app, you will find over 300 live filters which you can customize by your own accord.

Some special things of the Cameringo app …

  • You can take photos in GIF format. There is also a choice of reverse GIF recording.
  • Planet Mode – Will Make 360 ° Video Feel.
  • Photographs can be a tune-up to photos even before they are pulled – intensity, exposure, Bracy, contrast, saturation, temperature etc. You can adjust these things live.
  • You can filter photos in your preferred mode – normal mode, cartoon mode, a retro mode, mono mode, etc.
  • Photographs can be pulled from the right position with the help of guidelines.
  • In this camera, features such as night mode, timer, white balance are also given.
  • In this app, you can edit the photos you have clicked.

2) Phogy 3D Camera

Phogy Camera is a unique camera in which you can take 3D photos.

Some special things about Phogy camera-

  • In this app, you can extract 3D photos from any normal phone.
  • You will be told to take photos as soon as you start the camera.
  • You can also set the 3D photo taken out.
  • You can share this 3D photo directly from the Facebook app.

3) Camera FV-5

This is a manual camera. You can manually adjust everything in it.

Some special things of Camera FV-5 –

  • In this camera, you will see a DSLR-like viewfinder display that will not be available in any other app.
  • You can enjoy the features of DSLR in this way, such as ISO, light metering mode, exposure bracketing, etc.
  • In this camera, you can adjust the Shutter speed which is not available in any app.
  • You can take photos in JPEG, RAW DNG, and lossless PNG Photo formats.
  • You can switch front and rear camera by sliding on the screen.
  • This app is available in 30 languages.

4) Google Camera

This is the most popular app. You can take great pictures with fewer features.

Some special things from Google Camera-

  • Cool photos in Minimal option.
  • Blur effect can give background to the photo before taking photos.

5) B612 Selfie Camera

The B612 is a selfie camera where you can take the best selfie.

Some special things of B612 –

  • In this camera, you can put a live filter on your selfie.
  • With this camera, you can put background pictures on the photo.
  • You can share the photo taken from the app directly to Facebook.

So these are the Top 5 Best Camera apps that I personally feel better than others so if you like these apps or you are using any of them then do let me know in the comment box. Share this post with your friends. Thank you 🙂

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