Google Has Launched New Android O.S Android Oreo 8

Google has launched its new software version Android O ( Android Oreo ). The company officially announced that it will be called Oreo. Like every time Google has retained the tradition of keeping the name of the software on the name of sweets. Many new features have come in this new OS, which has features like double boot up, notification dot, audio quality.

Notification Dot

The best feature of the new Android is the Notification Dot, which will tell which notifications are new, which you can swipe too. Apart from this, keeping the notification in different categories. It does not display notifications on the user’s screen in bulk.

Picture in Picture mode

Another great feature is ‘Picture in Picture’ (PIP). Through this feature, users will get the option of minimizing the video. Also using the second app will be able to watch.

App Shortcut

The company started this feature with Android noaga. If the user presses the app for long, its shortcut will be on the screen.


It added 60 new emoji. Apart from this, there has also been a change in its library.

New Setting menu

The settings of this new OS have been given a new design. As before, there was an option to slide it, it has been removed and removed in the category.

Smart Text Select

Instead of searching for text selection tool, Google has placed a new Smart Text Select option in Orio. In this Google will recognize the information like your address, phone number. Just like you double-tap a text, Google will identify and activate the activity.

Safety Scan

In Google Oreo the settings for safety are given differently. There is also Google Play Protect.


Keeping in mind the connectivity, it has a new Wi-Fi aware feature. This allows many devices to connect with Wi-Fi to each other without internet access.


Usually when we see which apps are using more of the phone’s battery, then ‘Google Play Services’ is displayed. However, it does not know which apps are included in it. Users in Oreo will get the details of the battery consuming applications that they can set according to their own.

Change the App icon

Now the user will not have to download any theme for the app icon. Oreo offers 4 kinds of options for apps, including themes like round, square, squircle and teardrop.

Light Night Slider

In this new software, if you are using night light mode, users will be able to adjust the Blue Light filter accordingly.

New Quick Setting

In this, the Quick Settings will give a different look to the tile user’s phone icon.

Snooze Notification

There is also an option to snooze the notification. It will be able to snooze user notifications in 15 minutes, 30 minutes.

Third party calling

This will allow users to access third party calling applications as well.

Audio quality

To keep the sound effect strong, high-quality audio codecs have been given in it, which give the output of Gajab. Apart from this, it also has a separate application named AAudio.

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