Difference between router and modem you Should Know it

Whenever people take an internet connection, Mostly approaches the BSNL, whereas instead of giving a modem to the donation, instead of giving monthly rent, always prefer to buy their modem. So whenever they go to the market, there is a lot of dilemma in taking router and modem and it is difficult to make choices in the absence of information. While it is very easy to make a basic difference in the modem and router, I can tell you in simple language what is the difference between them.

Modem: The word modem is made up of two words that reflect its functioning. The modem’s function is to modulate the analog signal coming from our telephone line and to convert into such digital signal that it can understand our computer device and come from a computer Demode the signal with an analog signal and then return it And with the same modulation and demodulation word, the name modem is made and we need a modem to get the convenience of the Internet in a traditional way and you can understand its working system through the following diagram. Actually, the Internet is not defined without modem because this is what connects you to the phone line

Router: The router’s work is to make digital signals coming from the modem available to more than one computer or device because the router can only be connected with a modem and only And if the router is Wi-Fi, then it also provides you Wi-Fi facility.

Some special points

Nowadays, some modems also work for Wi-Fi and router, while having a separate router provides some special parameters of security, while the modem does not make it, and a modem is required for the Internet to be available, whereas not the router, while some Internet companies are large Directly available in the cities through Ethernet cable i.e. digital signal and in this case you only need a router and For fie information to you contact your Internet service provider.



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